Dec 19 2021

Fees for Lot Splits and New Housing Units: Dec. 20

Piedmont Gears Up for Densification – Lot Splits and Increased Housing Units in Single-family Zones Approved Singularly by the Piedmont Planning Staff.

The Piedmont City Council will consider fees to be charged for lot splits and housing developments of up to two units on Dec. 20. > AGENDA

SB 9 requires local jurisdictions, like Piedmont, to grant ministerial approval [Neighbors cannot voice opinions.] of housing developments of one to two units and urban lot splits for property within single-family zoning districts, such as Piedmont’s Zone A and Zone E.1  SB 9 also sets some minimum standards for housing development and lot split proposals, filed under SB 9 regulations.

Changes to Piedmont zoning requirements have yet to be finalized.

READ the full staff report by clicking below:


One Response to “Fees for Lot Splits and New Housing Units: Dec. 20”

  1. This matter appears to be merely implementation of the state law in a consistent manner. I would suggest that the reference to SB9 in the actual ordinances should be replaced with only a reference to the Government Code. There is an “SB9” in every legislative session. Years from now this language could be the cause of confusion.

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