Jan 25 2022

Opposition to 42 Housing Units Proposed in Belvedere

In contrast to the Piedmont City Council’s enthusiastic support for 587 new Piedmont housing units, in Belvedere, “the proposal, which will be submitted to the city next week, is causing consternation…”   The project has a density of 13 units per acre, less than state density bonus laws allow.

The 42-unit, mixed-income Mallard Pointe development would displace the residents of the 22-apartment rental complex that currently exists on the 2.8-acre site, thus only increasing Belvedere’s housing by a net gain of 20 units.  The project proposes 19 homes fronting the lagoon and a 23-unit apartment building on the Mallard Road side of the site. Belvedere is assigned to build about 160 new housing units.

Five affordable units for couples with incomes of $77,000 to $100,000, six affordable accessory units would be incorporated in three of the lagoon houses, and five small one-bedroom affordable units would be located in the 23-unit building.

The opposition group, Belvedere Residents for Intelligent Growth, mentions “serious concerns about the potential impacts on local flood control, zoning consistency and soil stability that could be caused by this large-scale waterfront subdivision.”

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