Mar 22 2022

Where Are Piedmont’s Heritage Trees?

Watch the video on Piedmont Heritage Trees!

The Piedmont Heritage Tree Program was created by the City Council, acting upon a recommendation from the Piedmont Park Commission, on January 16, 2018

The overall intent of the Heritage Tree Policy is to:

  • Recognize and identify special and distinctive trees that are noteworthy by their size, unique species, prominent location or historical context in our parks or open spaces.
  • Encourage residents to visit City parks and open spaces to find trees eligible for heritage tree designation.
  • Promote the study of nature through the use, enjoyment, and greater awareness of our public parks, streets, and medians.

Applications for heritage trees are sought each year and the application period well publicized.

Since its inception, the Park Commission has designated 19 trees (or groups of trees) as City of Piedmont Heritage Trees. The map below, created by Park Commissioner Patty Dunlap, highlights Piedmont’s Heritage Trees. 

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Click on the icons below to view the Heritage Trees.

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