May 2 2022

Street Tree Pruning on Your Street?

The list of streets, species of trees, and quantity of trees to be pruned are linked below.

The annual assessment of street trees to verify the next cycle of pruning was performed by the City’s certified arborist Nick Millosovich. Based on previous cycles of pruning, observations since the last street tree pruning project, input from residents, and professional judgement, this year’s list of trees was developed. The Base Bid is for the pruning of a total of 811 street trees and the removal of 3 street trees.

The contract for the FY2021-2022 Street Tree Pruning Project is to Arborworks LLC in the amount of $145,370 based on their submitted bid dated April 20, 2022.

See the list of trees to be trimmed by clicking below:

Street Tree Pruning 522020

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