May 21 2022

Sexual Assault at High School

Piedmont Police Department – PRESS RELEASE – Person of Interest

On May 19, 2022, the Piedmont Police Department was notified about a sexual assault that occurred on the Piedmont High School campus yesterday afternoon in the area of the Binks Rawlings Gymnasium between 3:30-4:00 pm.

The suspect, pictured below, is identified as a:


Square sunglasses

Hoop nose ring

Black long curly hair, tied up

Brown eyes

30-40 years old

110-120 lbs,   5’7” – 5’10”

Short sleeve pink shirt, Black sweatpants, White/blue tennis shoes

The Piedmont Police Department continues to work with the Piedmont Unified School District to ensure safe campuses throughout the City of Piedmont.

If you have information, or see an individual matching the above description, please immediately contact the Piedmont Police Department at 510-420-3000.

If you have information on the identity of this individual, contact Detective George Tucker at 510-420-3013. 

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  1. The term latinx is offensive to 95% of the people you are trying to describe. Please stop it.

    Editors’ Note: You are referring to the replicated Piedmont Police Department PRESS RELEASE found in our article. The word “latinx” will be removed from the Police Department published PRESS RELEASE.

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