Jun 7 2022

Time to Seek City Council and School Board Positions

– Imposed Housing, New School Superintendent, Police and Fire, Zoning, Taxes, Transparency, School Funding, Open Accessible Government, Safety, Utility Undergrounding, Equity, Safe Sidewalks, Recreation for All, Lower Student Enrollment, Pandemic Requirements, Budgets, Environment, Employee Selections, Teacher Retention, and more …..

Have you or someone you know thought of seeking election to the Piedmont City Council or School Board?

Now is a good time to get a campaign underway.

Filing for the November 8, 2022 Election starts on Monday, July 18, 2022 @ 8:30 AM

The races for the City Council and School Board are non-partisan.  Piedmont has historically followed a “who do you know” pattern of election with endorsements from individuals and sometimes groups for particular candidates.  With many issues to be considered during the election, certain special interest groups or individuals will coalless. 

Although John Tulloch, Piedmont’s City Clerk, has yet to publish the various deadlines and requirements for placing your name on the Piedmont November 2022 ballot, he may be contacted at 510/420-3040 for information. 

Editors’ Note: The Piedmont Civic Association (PCA) does not support or oppose particular candidates seeking elected office, but greatly encourages participatory democracy and elections.

One Response to “Time to Seek City Council and School Board Positions”

  1. PCA – don’t scare people off with that long list! With the right team, the job is not that hard. All it takes to get on the ballot is 20 signatures of registered Piedmont voters. Campaign costs have risen but it’s possible to do it on a shoe string – I did for about $3500. LWV offers a free website where candidates can post information and this PCA website provides a great objective forum for the candidates. Biggest problem is when there are uncontested elections; no meaningful discussion of the issues occurs.

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