Aug 10 2022

Piedmont City Administrator Sara Lillevand Announces Retirement

City Administrator Sara Lillevand has informed the City Council of her intent to retire in spring 2023.

Lillevand, who grew up in Piedmont and makes her home in Piedmont, has shown resiliency and cooperation toward implementing numerous decisions of the City Council.  Notably, Lillevand supported the soon to be built new community pool, devised an agreement with the Piedmont Center for the Arts, and promoted programs for the development of 587 new housing units in Piedmont.  

When she retires, Ms. Lillevand will have spent almost four years as City Administrator after five years as the city’s Recreation Director and 23 years working in intercollegiate athletics as a basketball coach, kinesiology instructor and athletic administrator.

“I deeply appreciate the community of Piedmont. It is a special place with engaged residents and a genuinely committed, supportive, and indefatigable City Council. The staff are professional, dedicated, and caring; they respect each other and work as a team for the good of the community,” said Lillevand. “I am honored to have served as Recreation Director and City Administrator and will be forever grateful for both opportunities.”

“Piedmont has benefitted from Sara’s leadership since her appointment,” said Mayor Teddy Gray King. “Throughout her time in Piedmont, she has put the community first. Since becoming City Administrator, Sara has deftly guided the City through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the uncertainties and changes that this time brought. She worked tirelessly to bring the Piedmont Community Pool project to fruition, through the design phase, and soon to construction. Sara’s efforts to maintain high service levels, excellent public facilities, and make Piedmont a better place for its residents will not soon be forgotten. We will all miss her professional leadership and optimistic outlook and I will personally miss her guidance and friendship.”

Ms. Lillevand will remain in her position as City Administrator until a successor takes office or until April 5th, whichever is earlier. Recruitment for a new City Administrator will commence immediately

2022-08-09 Lillevand to Retire


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