Sep 18 2022

Piedmont Street Sweeping Schedule and Protocols: 2022-23

Street sweeping for the winter begins this Monday, September 19, 2022.

Street sweeping is critical for keeping our storm drains clear during leaf drop season.

Please help by moving cars and any other obstacles off the street on street sweeping days. Take these steps to get ready now:

On your street sweeping day:

  • move your vehicle off the street
  • remove any obstacles blocking access to the curb, including green waste, recycling, and trash cans

Thank you for helping to keep our streets clean and protect our storm drains.

Email alerts
You can now sign up for email reminders about upcoming street sweeping dates.

On weeks that we’re doing street sweeping, we’ll send a reminder to the street sweeping email list on Sunday with the schedule.

This list will be used only to send street sweeping calendar information.

One Response to “Piedmont Street Sweeping Schedule and Protocols: 2022-23”

  1. The West side of the 100 block of Olive Avenue is Piedmont, please check maps!

    Catch 22: street sweeper works regular business hours. The W side of Olive Avenue is bumper to bumper commuter cars, not resident’s cars.

    For 43 years, I have tried to get street sweeping along the W side because the slope clogs the drain at the bottom curve of the street.

    I have always been told “car poolers have to park somewhere”!

    There are no houses on that side of the street so we do not have enough houses to qualify for stickers.

    Street sweeping downtown must be done on ‘off hours’. Why can’t this side of the street be done on ‘off hours’ when there are no carpool cars?

    Yes, the street sweeping program is poorly run and always has been.

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