Oct 16 2022


The Piedmont City Council Election this year is critically important for the future of our City. Climate Change, the Housing Element, and the City’s Infrastructure needs are certainly at the forefront, and I want a City Council that can best deal with these and other issues in a way that preserves what I love about Piedmont while improving it where needed.  I urge you to join me in voting for the 3 candidates I think can best take on these Herculean problems: Betsy Smegal Andersen, Jen Long, and Tom Ramsey.

BETSY SMEGAL ANDERSEN:  It is rare in Piedmont to think that a single person deserves the most credit for a single accomplishment, but that is surely the case for our soon to be built swimming pool complex.  The need for the Council to ride herd on that project to completion by itself compels the re-election of Betsy.  But there are so many other reasons to vote for Betsy.  With grace and sharp intellect, Betsy has tackled every issue the Council has faced.  Her roots in Piedmont are deeper than any other person presently on or seeking to join the Council.  We are so very lucky that Betsy is willing to stand for another term.

JEN LONG:  The City Council made a terrific decision when it appointed Jen to fill the vacancy on the Council.  It is indeed noteworthy that the Council chose Jen because she was the only candidate whom all the Council members felt they could support.  We the Voters should now ratify that decision.  In her short tenure, Jen has exhibited thoughtful analysis of the issues, a balanced approach to solutions, and a terrific capacity for hard work.  A resounding election victory for Jen would demonstrate to the world that the Piedmont of 2022 bears no resemblance to the city that ran its first Black residents out of the community years ago.

TOM RAMSEY:  Tom has demonstrated his ability to handle highly sensitive planning issues at a time when the Housing Element is the issue most immediately demanding solutions.  As of this writing, 14 of the 15 cities in the Bay Area that have submitted their plans to the State have had them rejected.  Make no mistake, unless we do this right the State will do it for us.  The chance that we will like what the State does to us is ZERO.  Tom’s experience as a planner is sorely needed on the Council.  His experience on the Planning Commission has demonstrated his ability to balance issues to assure that solutions further the goal of protection of the City that we love.  His 7 years on the Planning Commission provide the experience that will guarantee his effectiveness on the Council right from the start.

Electing all 3 of these candidates is the best way to assure a Council competent to navigate the uncharted seas which lie ahead.

Cameron Wolfe, Jr, Piedmont Resident

Editors’ Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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