Jan 31 2023

Park Commission Wednesday, February 1

Regular Agenda for 5:30 pm meeting in the City Council Chambers:

1. Approval of Park Commission Minutes for January 4, 2023

2. Update on Liquid ambar Street Trees on Selborne Dr.

3. Update on Opportunities to Memorialize the Sidney and Irene Dearing Family History at the  Triangle Park at the Intersection of Magnolia and Wildwood Avenues

4. Update on City Park Projects

a. Linda Park Lawn Renovation and Linda Off Leash Dog Park Closure

b. Highland Guilford Handrail and Stair Project

c. Piedmont Park Irrigation and Native Garden Renovations

d. Bottle Filling Stations in Various Parks

5. Update on Tree Inventory and Street Trees

6. Update on the Pedestrian Bridge in Piedmont Park

7. Update on Arbor Day – April 27, 2023

8. Update on Heritage Tree Signage and Nominations for 2023

9. Monthly Maintenance Report: Park, Open Space, and Street Tree Update for the Month of
January 2023

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