Feb 13 2023

Housing Element Update: Comments from State reviewers expected this week

The City of Piedmont expects to receive written comments on the Draft Housing Element from the
California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) this week, following the
conclusion of the State’s 90-day review period.

Since the City submitted the Draft Housing Element for review on November 18, 2022, HCD
officials have been studying the document to assess how it addresses each item on the State’s list of
more than 100 specific requirements. Planning staff have been in active communication with State
officials during this period, holding multiple meetings to answer questions about the City’s plan
and taking the City’s reviewer on personal tour of the city to showcase the sites listed in the sites
inventory. An analysis of how the City’s proposed Housing Element addresses each of the State’s
requirements is available at PiedmontIsHome.org.

The City expects that HCD’s written comments will request some technical revisions to the Draft
Housing Element, as has been the case for most every other city. Planning staff will work with
HCD to develop any necessary amendments, then bring the proposed updates to City Council for
approval. Staff anticipate bringing the Housing Element to City Council for adoption in late
February or March.

Planning & Building Director Kevin Jackson will provide a verbal update on the status of the
Housing Element at the February 21, 2023 City Council meeting.

After adoption, City will have three years to implement new Housing Programs
If City Council adopts the Housing Element by May 31, 2023, the City will have three years to
implement a substantial number of the proposed programs and regulatory changes outlined in the
document. Some of this work has already begun – the City is currently soliciting proposals for a
consulting firm to lead the preparation of the Moraga Canyon Specific Plan, one of the core
elements of the City’s plan to accommodate 587 new homes by 2031.

For more information about the Housing Element update, visit PiedmontIsHome.org. With questions, email PiedmontIsHome@piedmont.ca.gov.

City of Piedmont Press Release – February 13, 2023

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  1. Why has the City not provided for open space for those of us who have dogs or just like open space to wander? I think it is shameful that this City has acquiesced to the demands of 587 new homes without having even enough open space for those of us who love the outdoors but don’t like sports, other than running, walking or playing with our dogs. We have a battered up dirt pile on Linda to allow our dogs free space, yet the dogs help to keep the parks free from vadals and other. Blair Park has no fence to inhibit dogs from running on the street, yet our City has not put up a fence but is envisioning 581 homes with more than !,000 new cars using the already tired streets of Piedmont. We are a miniscule town with too little open space yet our governnment has done nothing to fight this ridiculous mandate. Why?

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