Jun 5 2020


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PCA 2020-05-28 Commission Appointments

Jun 5 2020

Thursday morning, June 4, 2020 – the Alameda County Sheriff rescinded the temporary emergency curfew order for the County.

Also on Thursday, June 4, 2020, the City of Piedmont and Piedmont Police Department ended the curfew with the following statement:

“Given the more peaceful nature of recent protests in Alameda County, the City of Piedmont will rescind its curfew, effective immediately. The City of Oakland and Alameda County have also rescinded their curfew orders, but orders may still be in effect in other cities. Please keep in mind that the Alameda County Health Officer’s Shelter in Place order for COVID-19 remains in effect.”

Jun 1 2020

Piedmont and all other cities in Alameda County under curfew from 8pm to 5am until Friday, June 5, 2020, unless extended.

issued Monday, June 1 afternoon

Jun 1 2020

 Oakland Still Resists Establishing a Curfew

San Jose (8:30 pm to 5 am), San Leandro (6pm to 5 am), and Walnut Creek (8 pm to 5 am) announced that their curfews would continue for a week.  San Francisco’s  8 pm to 5 am curfew will continue in effect Monday night, with day by day determination for the rest of the week.

May 30 2020

Joggers, Walkers, and Bikers Are Told to Wear Masks

Many joggers and bike riders have felt excluded from required mask wearing for weeks.  However, beginning Saturday, May 30 the new San Francisco “30-foot-rule” requires people wear a mask if they are less than 30 feet away from folks outside their living unit, for example while on a walk, bike ride, or passing someone on the sidewalk.

A mask is not needed for someone sitting stationary and at least six feet apart from those outside their household, but must have a mask on hand. This subtle distinction has caused some confusion, but officials say that the intention is for people who are moving to have the time and space needed to pull on a face covering before encountering others.

Individuals under the age of 12 are not required to wear a mask, and face masks for children under the age of two are prohibited. Food service providers and people in the workplace are required to wear a face covering, with certain exceptions.


May 29 2020

Letter from Piedmont Chief of Police –

The death of George Floyd at the hands of four officers of the Minneapolis Police Department has left me saddened for Floyd’s family, disgusted by the actions and inactions of the involved officers, and compelled to communicate to our community about how your police department is viewing this affront to justice.

In the days that have followed I have had conversations with various staff that have started with, “Have you seen the video of what the Minneapolis police officers did to that man?” In each case the response has been strikingly consistent and made up of revulsion and a feeling of dishonor for how this latest act subverts police community relations in general as well as specific concern for how it may affect some in our own community.

I can tell the community that all of our officers participate in rigorous training on appropriate use of force and we have policies and procedures designed and implemented to prevent the exact kind of horrific event that occurred in Minneapolis and has occurred elsewhere in this country. While training, policies and procedure are important, what is most salient is humanity, sanctity of life, and the duty for an officer to intercede. These are the discussions we are having during our Department briefings. The Piedmont Police Department is taking this horrible event, as we have with past events, to have hard conversations, look inwardly and continue our commitment to the prevention of such acts here.

I value accessibility to the community and even in our current times we have found ways to connect as a community. Should someone have the desire to talk about this most recent tragedy in Minneapolis, or the larger issues it represents, please reach out to me.

Jeremy Bowers
Chief of Police

May 25 2020

Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 27, 2020       3:00 p.m.

Consideration of 2020 – 2021 Piedmont Budget

Via Teleconference

Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88326534001

Members of the public may comment on agenda items. See details on agenda linked below:

2020-05-27 Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee

May 23 2020

Go to Zoom to view Piedmont policy makers being selected by the City Council at the Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. 


Candidates for the following  appointments will be interviewed:

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee, CIP Review Committee, Civil Service Commission, Park Commission,  Planning Commission, Public Safety Committee, Recreation Commission, Mosquito Abatement Representative, Parking Hearing Officer. 

COVID -19 policies have opened an opportunity for Piedmonters to see and hear first hand how and who is selected to serve on Piedmont appointed bodies from the Planning Commission to the Recreation Commission and so forth. 

It has been the long held practice by Piedmont officials not to publish applicants’ names or announce appointee’s names until the individuals have been notified by the City Clerk of their appointment.  However, if you watch the interview process on Zoom you will know the names of applicants and appointees, pending Council selection.

Although not a secret process, candidates have generally been asked to leave the Council meeting as other competing candidates are interviewed. Staff members and the public could always be present during the interviews.  Staff members often play a role in who is selected by offering information on the candidates.  All candidates are required to be interviewed by the City Council to qualify for appointment.

Volunteers interested in being appointed now or in the future will find the process informative as questions are posed and answers given.


There is no staff report to support the Agenda of the Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.   The public can view and make comments. For details on participation or viewing, click below:

5/26/20 council-special-agenda.pdf5-26 (Special)

May 18 2020

The March 16 Shelter at Home order in Alameda County caused an immediate decrease in crime in Oakland, especially  in residential burglaries, according to study of daily crime statistics in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland by the Public Policy Institute of California.  (Read report here).  The Piedmont crime blotter appears  to show a similar decrease.

“Comparing the average weekly number of reported crimes in February to the number reported for the last week in March shows an overall drop from about 6,150 to 3,620—a decrease of 41%. Declines have been particularly large in the two Bay Area cities: about 69% in Oakland and around 55% in San Francisco.

Overall reports of violent crime dropped from a weekly average of about 1,880 in February to about 1,360 in the last week of March—a 28% decrease. Oakland experienced the most dramatic drop—from about 200 to 70. The number of reported assaults dropped from 1,430 to around 1,100 (22%). The overall decrease in robberies—from about 350 to 260—was driven largely by the Bay Area.  … a slight increase in reported commercial burglaries across all four cities suggests that burglars may be shifting from residential to commercial targets now that so many people are at home at all times of day.”    Analysis by Public Policy Institute of California

May 17 2020

READ the City Council COVID -19 EMERGENCY ORDER Confirmation of Emergency Order #2020-01