Aug 3 2021

The draft version of the Piedmont Safer Streets (PSS) plan, an update to the 2014 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, is now available for public review. Let us know what you think, especially about Chapter 4 – Recommended Projects, and Chapter 5 – Prioritization and Implementation. The deadline for public comments is Monday, August 23, 2021. Appendices noting all written public comments received prior to July 1, 2021 is also available for your review.

Submit written comments by August 23, 2021 via email to or U.S. Mail:  Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611.

Please consider providing your feedback so the city can move forward with prioritizing and implementing future projects. For more information or any questions, please contact Associate Planner Gopika Nair at or visit to view all past discussions and documents leading up to the issuance of the draft plan.

Jul 28 2021
Piedmonters have long advocated undergrounding of wires as a primary interest to improve community appearance and energy reliability. Now they wonder if this major non-urban undergrounding project will delay urban projects.

Multiple Year Undergrounding 10,000 Miles of PG&E Power Lines in Highest Fire-Threat Area .

Undergrounding also reduces Public Safety Power Shutoffs during dry, windy conditions and requires less vegetation management.

CHICO, Calif. — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced a major new initiative to expand the undergrounding of electric distribution power lines in High Fire Threat Districts (HFTD) to further harden its system and help prevent wildfires. The new infrastructure safety initiative, announced today in Butte County by PG&E Corporation CEO Patti Poppe, is a multi-year effort to underground approximately 10,000 miles of power lines.

PG&E’s commitment represents the largest effort in the U.S. to underground power lines as a wildfire risk reduction measure.      PG&E  July 21, 2021

Today, PG&E maintains more than 25,000 miles of overhead distribution power lines in the highest fire-threat areas (Tier 2, Tier 3 and Zone 1)—which is more than 30% of its total distribution overhead system.

Read more here

Jul 20 2021

City of Piedmont
Public Safety Committee Agenda
Thursday, July 22, 2021

5:30 p.m.
Via Teleconference


Consistent with Executive Orders No. N-25-20 and No. N-29-20 from the Executive Department of the State of California and the Alameda County Health Official’s Shelter in Place Order, the Public Safety Committee meeting will not be physically open to the public and committee members will be teleconferencing into the meeting via ZOOM Teleconference.To maximize public safety while still maintaining transparency and public access, members of the public can participate in the meeting in several ways:
Computer or smart phone: Click
Telephone: Dial (669) 900-9128 and enter webinar/meeting number 834-6029-2749
To participate in the meeting by providing public comment, members of the public may use the ZOOM platform to make live, verbal public comments. To speak to the committee, click the “Raise Your Hand” button when the item on which you would like to comment is called. If you are connected to the meeting by phone, please dial *9. When it is your turn to speak, the City Clerk will call your name and unmute your line, at which point you will have three minutes to address the Committee. After the allotted time, you will then be re-muted. Instructions of how to “Raise Your Hand” is available at

Any member of the public who needs accommodations should email the City Clerk at or call (510) 420-3040 who will make their best efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to provide as much accessibility as possible while also maintaining public safety in accordance with the City procedure for resolving reasonable accommodation requests. Information about reasonable accommodations is available on the City website at

Call to Order  – Roll Call

Public Forum This is an opportunity for members of the audience to speak on an item not on the agenda. The 10 minute period will be divided evenly between those wishing to address the Committee.

Regular Agenda
1. Approval of Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes for 5/27/2021
2. Update on PPD Strategic Plan
3. Update on Racial Identity Profiling Act (RIPA)
4. Update on Data Analysis of PPD Calls for Service
5. Update on ALPR & Public Safety Cameras
6. Update on Community Policing Events

7. Update on School Liaison Activities
8. Update on COVID-19 and Discussion on Related Public Safety Initiatives

Announcements, old business and consideration of future agenda items


Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Public Safety Committee are available for public inspection in the Police Department during normal business hours.
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Clerk at (510) 420-3040. Notification at least two business days preceding the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. [28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II]. 
Jul 20 2021

The draft Piedmont Safer Streets Plan is now available for public review and comment. The City would love to hear what you think. Please send the city your comments in writing to through Sunday, August 22, 2021.

City staff and the project consultant will give a presentation on the contents of the plan at this month’s meeting of the Piedmont Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC). The meeting is this THURSDAY, JULY 22, at 5:30 pm. You may find the meeting agenda here.

For questions about the Piedmont Safer Streets project or about the PBAC, contact Gopika Nair (City of Piedmont), at or at (510) 420-3054.

Jul 18 2021

Special Closed Session 6 pm

Special & Regular Session 6:30 pm

Consent Calendar

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for 05/22/2021, 06/07/2021, and 06/21/2021

2. 2 nd Reading of Ord. 761 N.S. Renewed and Amended Lease for the Piedmont Educational Foundation at 401 Highland Avenue 0705, 0045

3. Approval of an Agreement with the Local Government Commission for a the Placement of a Civic Spark Fellow for FY 2021-2022 0045

4. Receipt of a Report on the City’s Investment Portfolio 0475-3070

5. Approval of the Replacement of Two Police Department Unmarked Vehicles 0045

6. Approval of a Renewed Agreement with Alameda County Regarding the Collection of Taxes 0045

Public Forum This is an opportunity for members of the audience to speak on an item not on the agenda.

Ceremonial Items Introduction of New Employees

Regular Agenda

7. Consideration of the Designation of Four Parking Spaces on Bonita Avenue as Ninety Minute Parking and an Agreement with East Bay Community Energy for Electric Vehicle Charger Funding 0045, 0735  at this point

8. Consideration of the Issuance of a Request for Qualifications/Proposals for Architectural/ Engineering/Planning and Design Services of the Piedmont Community Pool 0270-1022

9. Consideration of an Agreement with the University of Texas, San Antonio to Conduct Data Analysis of Piedmont Police Department Calls for Service 0045

10. Consideration of Memoranda of Understanding with the Following Labor Groups for the Period of 07/01/2021 through 06/30/2025: a. Piedmont Firefighters Association b. Piedmont Police Officers Association 0045

Reports from Councilmembers


Old business and consideration of future agenda items


Agenda and participation via teleconference below:

More staff reports >


Jul 18 2021

The Piedmont Police Department and Piedmont Fire Department would like to invite our community to celebrate the 2021 National Night Out (NNO) with all of us.  National Night Out brings neighbors together for the purpose of strengthening police-community partnerships and heightening crime prevention efforts.  The event sends a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and united in preventing crime.

This year National Night Out will occur on:

Date:  Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Time:  5:00pm to 8:00pm

As part of National Night Out, members of the Piedmont Police Department and Piedmont Fire Department will visit registered neighborhood events throughout the city.

Although the traditional turning on of porch lights remains a strong part of the National Night Out campaign, additional neighborhood events will range from small potlucks and BBQs to community meetings and block parties.  As these neighborhoods come together, the main objective continues to be one of the most effective crime prevention techniques of all – getting to know your neighbors.

Nationally, over 10,000 communities from all 50 states across America will celebrate National Night Out.  Hopefully, you will be able to join us this year.

For more information, locations to visit or resources for the 2021 National Night Out, please contact Officer Nicole Casalnuovo ( or Captain Chris Monahan ( 


Jul 2 2021

Don’t Go to Grizzly Peak to Watch Fireworks

Grizzly Peak is a popular viewing spot for Bay Area fireworks but the Fire Risk is too great to allow non-residents to gather there on the 4th of July.  In response to significant regional concerns about fire safety and emergency vehicle access, Grizzly Peak Blvd. between Skyline Blvd. and Centennial Dr. will be closed to all thru automobile traffic along the following roads from 5 am July 4th through 5 am July 5th. Additionally, the following intersections will have electronic signage and personnel on hand to prevent thru traffic from entering:

  • Grizzly Peak / Centennial Dr
  • Grizzly Peak/ S Park Dr
  • Grizzly Peak/ Lomas Cantada
  • Grizzly Peak/ Claremont
  • Grizzly Peak/ Skyline

Fireworks are illegal in Piedmont.


 The Piedmont Police and Fire Departments stand ready to handle calls related to the use of fireworks within Piedmont.  

Safety for all is paramount on July 4th.


Jun 20 2021

The Council is refreshing the prohibition of parking in red zones.  Maps are provided of the locations throughout the city.

READ the full staff report with maps showing locations.

No Parking Red Zones and Maps



Jun 10 2021


Piedmont Police Department  ALPR Transparency Portal is First-of-Its-Kind in the Nation

 – Acceptable uses, usage statistics, number of cameras the agency owns, other law enforcement agencies they share data with, specific statistics on the number of vehicles captured, Hotlist alerts, and searches performed over the past 30 days.


In our ongoing effort to strengthen our relationship with our community and increase transparency, the Piedmont Police Department is pleased to unveil the public ALPR Transparency Portal, a partnership with Flock Safety.  The Transparency Portal is intended to encourage open communication between police and the public around Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology.

Chief of Police Jeremy Bowers stated, “This first-of-its-kind program demonstrates the Piedmont Police Department’s commitment to openness, accountability, and integrity.  ALPR technology has been a critical tool in our public safety efforts. It’s important that our community has the ability to understand how we are using this technology in the furtherance of public safety.”

The Transparency Portal serves to provide the public a view into the Piedmont Police Department’s ALPR usage specific to its use of Flock Safety cameras, data retention, and policies. It provides a landmark approach to transparency and accountability by providing the public with anonymized audit logs of police usage of the technology. It also displays usage statistics, including the number of cameras the agency owns, other law enforcement agencies they share data with, and specific statistics on the number of vehicles captured, Hotlist alerts, and searches performed over the past 30 days.  The Piedmont Police Department is working to transition its ALPR system entirely to Flock Safety which will eventually provide the public with more insight into the Piedmont Police Department’s ALPR usage.

While ALPR technology has proven to be an effective tool in preventing and solving crime in Piedmont, the Piedmont Police Department also recognizes the importance of being transparent and effectively demonstrating its use of this technology.

Flock Safety has provided license plate reader technology to the Piedmont Police Department since 2020.

Flock Safety does not employ facial recognition, adheres to strict security standards and encryption standards, and does not share or sell customer data to third parties.

The Piedmont PD Transparency Portal can be accessed through:

Piedmont Police Department

May 25 2021

The Piedmont Public Safety Committee will hold a Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 27 at 5:30 pm.  Click the Agenda below for participation details and draft minutes of the Committee’s March meeting. 

PSC Agenda 2021-05-27

Public Safety 2021-03-25 DRAFT