Oct 30 2010

School Board takes first steps to address $5 million budget shortfall

The Board of Education will hold a Closed Session Workshop on Tuesday, November 2, conferencing with the School Superintendent on union contract negotiations as they begin their efforts to address an estimated $5 million budget shortfall over the next 2 years.

Community Input: The School Board has requested input from residents on options for savings (at p. 21) identified by the School Superintendent.  Residents may email the Board of Education or comment publicly prior to closed session at 2 p.m. in the Piedmont Unified School District Administration Office at 760 Magnolia Avenue. 

Salary and Budget Trends: Materials presented at prior hearings include an overview pointing out the Parcel Tax and donations have been increasing 15% per year on an annualized basis since 2000  (at p. 7), a report from the Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) presenting options for reducing health care costs, and a power point presentation from the CAC noting budget trends and information on nearby districts.

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