Oct 20 2011

Latest Plan Released for Blair Park Sports Field

Revised Scheme for Moraga Canyon’s Blair Park

The “final Moraga Canyon Sports Fields Project proposal by Piedmont Recreational Facilities Organization (PRFO)” has been posted on the City’s website. It contains a written description and graphic representations of the proposed project.  By Friday, October 28th, paper copies of the proposal will be available at City Hall.  

The City Council is set to hold a public hearing on whether to approve the final plan on Monday, December 5, 2011. The final plan will also go to the Planning Commission for Design Review after the Council hearing and ultimately to the Planning Department for a building permit.

The City signed two agreements with PRFO last summer that citizens learned about in September.  Read analysis and text of the agreement mandating arbitration and waiving conflict of interest barriers, signed in July and made public in September.  Read the analysis and text of the Reimbursement and Indemnification Agreement, signed August 12 and made public in September.

For the ease of our readers who wish to download the file, we have divided  the project file into separate parts (click on items below):

Artist’s views

Bioswale, Pedestrian Crossing, Restroom, Roundabout, … typical details

Verbal description &  site plans

Phase I site plans

The final plan offers some new ideas about the sports facility proposed for the Blair Park site in Moraga Canyon. In contrast to earlier versions submitted to the City, the final plan is for Phase I only, and consists of one field instead of two. Instead of the formerly proposed second field, the design presents a “glade” with native plantings and no street barriers. The 300x 150-foot field has been moved 30 feet to the east;  the baseball diamond has been moved to the east end of the field near Moraga Avenue. There is still a restroom but the concession stand was eliminated. The retaining walls and fences above the walls have been lowered slightly, and the retaining wall stretching along Moraga Avenue is made of “mechanically strengthened earth” instead of concrete. There are a total of 40 parking spaces. A street level sidewalk and bicycle lane have been added along the length of the park. There are two pedestrian crosswalks, one at Red Rock Road with a pedestrian-operated traffic signal, and one at Maxwelton Avenue.  A mini-roundabout has been added uphill from the Maxwelton crosswalk. 

Questions of interest to supporters, opponents and undecideds include: 

  • Since the glade is no longer planned as a sports field, how many players will be accommodated on the single field?
  • Without lights in the shaded canyon,  how much playing time will there be in the Fall?
  • Who will pay for the roundabout, pedestrian crossings and traffic light?
  • What will Phase II consist of, and when it will  be constructed?
  • Who will pay for relocation of sewer & utility lines under Blair Park?
  • What is the cost estimate for the project’s construction and ongoing maintenance?


Readers, what  questions and comments do you have about the plan?   Post your comment below.

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