Oct 30 2017

3 Cell Facility Sites Approved by City Council

On October 30, 2017, at a Special Council meeting with all council members present, the Council voted unanimously to approve all 3 proposed cell facility sites.

Numerous written comments had been sent to the council members prior to the Special Meeting.  Suggested reasons for Council denial of  the applications included: noise, safety, health concerns, potential harm to trees, aesthetic issues, disruptive maintenance requirements, lack of information on coverage and capacity.

McBain and Rood expressed their concurrence with the staff and attorney’s advice to conditionally approve the installations.  The other three council members indicated less enthusiasm for approval.

After listening to residents, applicants, council members, and the staff in the full Council Chamber, Council member Tim Rood made the motions to approve each of the applicant’s proposed sites.  Hearing no seconds to the motions to approve, Mayor Bob McBain seconded all of the motions for the three sites.

Vice Mayor Teddy King stated it had been her most difficult issue in her 10 years of public service.  However, based on the City’s legal advisement of a potential lawsuit costing $250,000, she felt responsible in saving money, thus she supported approval.

Council members Jennifer Cavenaugh and Betsy Andersen asked many questions and in the end reluctantly voted for approval.

The approval includes requiring the applicant and contractors to meet a number of conditions, one of which is to prove compliance with Piedmont’s noise ordinance prior to construction.

The approved sites are:

1. Site PHS01, a WCF proposed across from 340-370 Highland Avenue;

2. Site PHS03, a WCF proposed at 799 Magnolia Avenue; and

3. Site PHS04, a WCF proposed across from 740 Magnolia Avenue.

Read the prior PCA article on the communication facilities and the staff report recommending approval HERE.

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  1. So now they can deal with the complaints! Like we have had to endure with the mess that AT&T has imposed on the residents along Lower Grand for many months now.

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