Apr 21 2018

Projects: CIP Review Committee Resident Proposals Tuesday, April 24

Lighting, Safety Improvements, Beautification …..

The Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Committee will be meeting in the City Hall Conference Room, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont on Tuesday, April 24 at 7:00 p.m.

The CIP Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on expenditures of the capital budget for construction, repair or rehabilitation of city facilities. At its March meeting, the Committee reviewed wish lists and resident proposals.

The meeting will not be broadcast, however interested individuals are welcome to attend the meeting and participate. 

Agenda includes:

1. Review of Preliminary CIP Wish Lists, Resident Proposals, and Criteria for Evaluating Proposed Projects
2. Presentation of Resident Proposals

 READ   Citizen Proposals 2018

READ 2018 Proposal spread sheet DRAFT

Prior potential City projects remain on the consideration list: 

  1.  Aquatic Center
  2.  Coaches Field
  3.  Linda Beach Master Plan 
  4.  Recreation Center and Veterans Building

For additional information contact:

Nancy Kent

      Parks & Project Manager

     (510) 420-3064

> or <NKent@piedmont.ca.gov>

One Response to “Projects: CIP Review Committee Resident Proposals Tuesday, April 24”

  1. Great list of proposals. Public safety and public art. Several proposals call for traffic islands. Recent CIP funded examples of traffic islands are the Ramona Ronada Triangle and Kingston- Linda triangle. Both were great ideas but took 5-8 years to complete through CIP.

    An alternative approach to funding could be io integrate storm water controls into these islands. Called a bioswale, curb cuts divert street runoff into the planting in the traffic island for natural treatment by the soil. Ronada does this; Kingston does not. The goal is to prevent polluted runoff from going into the Bay. All east bay cities are under court order and are developing plans to build bioswales in public and new projects. Piedmont recently hired a consultant to design the Green Infrastructure Program (GIP) to identify where these bioswales will be located.

    Funding will come from the Sewer Tax as the program nears completion. Residents who want traffic islands or improvements (crosswalks are applicable) should contact the City. CIP projects that implement stormwater treatment would likely be eligible for this funding as well as other sources for the City.

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