May 6 2019

School Board to Accept Grant for Police Officer May 8

RECOMMENDATION: District staff requests that the Board accept the Department of Justice Tobacco Cessation Grant to address student use, exposure, and perceived harm of controlled substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes).

“This specially trained officer (Juvenile Officer) will partner with PUSD to collaboratively conduct student and parent education classes on the harms of tobacco use and develop a Diversion Program for youth who are detected using tobacco products.

Finally, the Juvenile Officer will work with the PUSD to identify and implement tobacco/vaping mitigation strategies. Additionally, with the support of the Dept. of Justice Tobacco Cessation Grant, PUSD staff has developed goals and actions to help mitigate controlled substance use (e-cigarettes, drugs, alcohol)”:

Read full report below: 


Read the full May 8 School Board Agenda:

The May 8th Piedmont School Board meeting will be held at 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, City Hall.  The Grant will be considered at 8:10 p.m. and broadcast live on cable Channel 27 and also on the City of Piedmont website under videos/school board. 

One Response to “School Board to Accept Grant for Police Officer May 8”

  1. Controlled tobacco use is important. Equally important, ask Columbine parents, is controlled flying bullet use. Is this officer armed and ready to address the potential campus killing issue, especially since our citizens, students and police successfully defused 3 separate near fatal mass killing threats in the last 12 months? [one individual was found with a gun, 2 switch blades and a malfunctioning, home~built bomb]
    Sunny Bostrom~Fleming

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