Oct 14 2019

OPINION: Reasons to Support Measures G and H

Click the link below to read an opinion in support of Measures G and H submitted by Piedmont resident Hari Titan.


Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.  PCA does not support or oppose ballot measures.

2 Responses to “OPINION: Reasons to Support Measures G and H”

  1. How much is the special election costing?
    Why where these measures not put on the upcoming primary ballot when more citizens will be voting?

    Editors Note: The cost of the Special Election is not easily known. It can be assumed the Special Election will cost the School District $100,000 or more. If the cost of the Special Election is publicized, it will be published on this site. Contact the School District for additional information.

    Special Elections are generally used for urgent matters, however Measure A, the current school parcel tax, is not due to end until 2021. Special Elections have also been used as a method of obtaining a favorable vote from supportive voters leaving many uninformed and uninvolved voters not voting on the measures.

    The School District and the City both have voter approved parcel taxes ending in 2021. A conflict could be perceived if both the City and the School tax measures were on ballots close to the same time. The early November 5 Special Election for G and H gives the School District an opportunity to redraft and to try again if one or both of the measures are not approved by 2/3rds of those voting on the measures.

  2. Hello Diane: I do not know the cost of the election. Normally, election costs are split among entities with measures on the ballot, and it is not clear that the School Board would have known at the time that only Measures G and H would be on the ballot. I am not sure why the editors say “It can be assumed” that the cost is $100,000 or more. Perhaps so, but that is more than it cost when I was on the Board.

    I also note that, under state law, the School District (and all school districts) must submit budgets to the County and State showing that they can meet budget, with a 3% reserve, for 3 years. So I do not think it is at all early to have this parcel tax election now. Without being able to include parcel tax revenue in the 3 year budget forecast, the District could not demonstrate compliance in the out year.

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