Nov 9 2020

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Meeting Thurs. Nov. 12

Meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 12, 2020

Regular Agenda:

1. Presentation of Planning Context Report for Piedmont Safer Streets (PSS) Project

2. Discussion of Community Engagement Workshop Format and Content

3. Discussion of Publicizing the Public Engagement Activities for PSS Project

4. Presentation of Proposed Improvements to the Intersection of Grand Avenue and Lower Grand Avenue and Installation of Other Bicycle Features on Grand Avenue

Prior minutes are not on the agenda.

For instructions on how to participate in this remote teleconferenced meeting, click the link below.

PBAC Agenda 2020-11-12

Documents to be considered:

#1 – PSS_planning context report_admin draft

#4 – Grand Lower Grand Striping Exhibit

2 Responses to “Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Meeting Thurs. Nov. 12”

  1. Thanks for providing the agenda and links to the reports. What appears to be missing from the Planning Context document is much reference or acknowledgement of the Priority List in the 2014 PBMP. Strangely, the 2014 Priority List was created and then largely ignored by staff and in this document. This current document at a minimum should revisit the Priority List and comment on the status of each problem intersection, and describe the progress, or lack thereof, on each identified intersection. There seems to be a lot of reinventing the wheel, and not building on what’s previously been done. I serve on the CIP Committee, and I have noted this same problem.

  2. Mike makes good points. This whole pedestrian/bicycle plan review is driven by a statutory requirement to review implementation of the city’s 2014 PB Master Plan. As many of the committee members were not living in Piedmont at the time it would seem appropriate to give them a public briefing on the Master Plan.

    Then there is the question of the priority list which obviously should be discussed by the committee. Reading the tea leaves here, there seems to be an intent to subsume bicycle improvements to pedestrian improvements in a new Pedestrian Safe Streets program.

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